I have met in my life (which has been nice and long so far) many people that are great, and I have also met more people who seem to be continuously bikkering and complaining about life. They complain about the country, they complain about the prices, they complain about the weather, the food, the dirtiness, the priciness, the bad restaurants, the bad drivers, the increased prices, the lack of work, the bad salaries, etc.  To these people I am saying make a decision and leave the place that is giving you so much hardship.  it is not healthy just to complain, one must do something about it.  Life is great and worth living, also it is to short to spend it in complaint instead of working towards IKIGAI .


If you are wondering what IKIGAI means then I urge you to read the article in the link but in general it means that ” I have found my purpose” or “a reason to live” or “Having a purpose in life”.  This concept if a person believes it, then it promotes longevity and happiness.


This got me thinking, are people like countries? if you notice the news, you will see or hear about certain countries all the time, but other countries you rarely hear about and some are totally neglected?


I can tell you this, studying geography is fantastic, and being upto date with the world news is more so, both had helped me in categorizing people in accordance with the 195 countries and their behavior.


My conclusion is that people resemble the countries of the world. Some are like Germany always rich and always helpful. Some no one hears about as it’s just too comfortably lived in like Iceland. Some are like Palestine that had been missed up since time memorial. Some countries are happy all the time like Finland, and some are miserable like Sudan, some are always infested with terrorism like Syria, Iraq and Lebanon, and some are full of love and art like france. Some grew old, gracious and feel that they are the heads and the jewels in the crown of the world like UK, when some others are always mischievous and feel that they rule and can invade anyone that doesn’t behave!! like USA. While some countries alway complain to the united nations that they are not getting any help  and some complain to their neighbors that they are not good neighbors.  Some countries are jealous of each other and some countries cooperate with everyone. Some countries spend all their money on loans’ interest payment like Italy and Greece, and you cannot tell what they had spent their money on. while some countries promote themselves in such a way that you want to love them just by looking at their promotions like New Zealand. some countries focus on knowledge and research like Holland.

I am going to leave the rest of the categorization to you, please add them in the comment, and lets have 195 characteristics of country-humans resemblance and start a new theory for HR professionals to work on.

At the end, I want to conclude that for us the human beings to be living a life of happiness and fulfillment, we should behave like human beings and believe that we can do what “we” like; we are the citizens of “earth” and we can move to any country in the world until we are satisfied that its the best for us and it matches our life expectations.