Imagine that you woke up one morning wanting to go to a country that you had dreamt of, you open youtube and find out how it looks like, try to find the attractions in it, maybe even trace your dream and find the place in that country that you’d encountered in the dream. Then you become obsessed about it, you will start planning the trip. First, you will need to know if you need to have a valid visa! dreading, dreading. The visa may take long, and in the mean time, and being a vivid dreamer, you dream of another country, the iteration goes on, and you end up where you were!! stayed put and never visited.  you may even blame National Geographic for showing you those lovely sites.


What if you realize that its a piece of cake? that you can go the next morning? that you don’t need a visa and no regulations that prohibit individuals from going anywhere in the world. What if people are free to move? what if the world is the utopia that plato had dreamt about? What if every person in this world is busy advancing the lives of everybody in the world? Imagine how our world would be? doctors only worried about medicine, accountants only worried about keeping good books, scientists only worried about advancing new discoveries and improving on what has been discovered already. Writers write without hate, every religion in the world go hand in hand and the followers of the religions will find ways to make us all realize that there is only one religion.  Poets will write to inspire, newspapers will show the good things about everything, we will not see wars, and we will only ever fight about which movie to watch every night?


Our current state of affairs is tormented, we either have to stop dreaming or we pray for the world to unite and we all become the “Citizens of the world”. I am a good person, and pray everyday, however my prayers are targeted towards the safety of my children and grand children, and this morning I realized that what I must start doing is to pray for all of the above to happen! to live in piece and bother about nothing but things that will make our world a better world, with clean environment, more trees, better life for the animals on earth, for the rivers to flow with out garbage, for the fish to eat proper sea food instead of plastic, for the writers to write material suitable to make us all live in peace, for the politicians to make their countries the best, for the architects to create better living environment, for eradication of poverty, for less diseases, for factories that don’t produce arms and items designed to kill individuals, for neighboring countries to respect each other’s borders and be amicable towards each other, for individuals to find peace in their lives instead of fighting to prove a point.


Is this the utopia? yes it is, and I wish it for my grandkids and their grandkids. I may not see it in my life time, but I do wish that if one of my grandkids wanted to visit a country, he or she can go to the airport or (any medium of transport such us time travel), get there and enjoy it.


When I was 15, the Concord passed through Bahrain, I was telling my dad that one day I will ride the Concord, go for breakfast in Paris, lunch in London and dinner in New York, return to Bahrain the next day.  The Concord is no longer there, I am 62, and still haven’t done this? is my dad turning in his grave now pushing me to fulfill my dream?


I wonder.