It’s not about the movie, it’s about the woman. An established author with 12 books. The last one created a scene and all her readers were upset. She had killed the main character (in the book)

The story of the movie was simple, Her dad was originally Scottish, working in a castle. He had kept a picture of himself in front of the palace. He was trying to carve his name on one of the doors but the owner (the duke) caught him and fired his dad. He was telling his daughter stories and I guess that’s how she’s started to write.

When her marriage fell off, added to the fiasco about her last book, she decided to travel to Scotland and visit her family heritage.

What happened next was amazing. She bought a castle!!! Yes she did and fell in love with the owner (the Duke’s grandson who is also a Duke, of course, daa) and wrote a new book series.

I love movies that give you a warm and fuzzy feeling, I watch this type of movies almost every night, I guess we all need to relax and feel that the world is a good place to be, despite the atrocities that are happening in Palestine and other places in the world.

But, movies and news about successful women are so intriguing for me. I love reading or watching about them any time of the day, and when it comes to successful writers that is a bonus.  writing is not only beneficial for the health, but also gives inspirations to the readers, and make them feel that there are better places in the world, and that hardships can be overcome.  If we just give it a try, we can achieve all our goals.

If you had ever felt that you can be a writer, then you are, all you need to do is to start, one day you can be an accomplished writer that will make others happy just by reading your book. I am sure that you know that reading a book can change someone’s life, but writing a book can change your life and the lives of others.

The actress in this movie changed the lives of the whole village, she created a great atmosphere, saved them by paying off their debts and as a bonus, found herself a new book series. The plus point is, she had suffered from a disastrous divorce, but God gave her a better person.

The movie is one of those that are low budget, however I didn’t find any flows in it, in fact, to me it was perfect.

Continue wishing,, you never know when is your life going to change.