sister_act_1992_06 I loved this Movie and Whoopi Goldberg had done a very good job at it, if a new movie is to be done I think Queen Latifa should do it as she can be as hilarious as Whoopi.

There is a book that I read by Khaled Alhusaini called “one thousand splendid suns” I feel this should be turned into a movie and I feel that Sandra Bullock and Julia Roberts should be the main actors in it


The Bastard of Istanbul by Elif Shafak should be acted by Roony Mara as she can match the the girl in that book completely draggon

I also feel that “Eat, Pray, Love” should be redone, I have read the book and i feel that we need it to be done in a better way instead of the many changes that were done to it in the movie. This one should be acted by Amanda Seyfried (she acted in Letters to Juliet), as she is not as Hyper as Julia Roberts and can be a good narrator too.


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