mothersday1I am not going to talk here about Mothers’ day in general though all of us love our mothers and wish that every day of the year is dedicated to our mums for all that they had done to make us what we are; I especially think that my mother deserves the platinum medal for her courage and the ability to have 13 of us (now 11) that were able to grew up and become the fine men and women that we are.  My mother didn’t read or write but we didn’t know that, as she made us read to her our homework and then she would pinch us on the thigh and says “do it again its wrong”! we all thought she can see and read. I figured it out when I was ten years old but didn’t tell the rest of the gang so they face what I faced.  I owe my love for reading and writing to her, if not for the repetition that she made me I do not think I would ever be as good as I am now.  The other thing my mother was great at was of course her cooking, no one cooks like my mum! is this a cliche? not really, my mum cooks really well.  Also she can sew dresses, paint walls, makes crochet, makes curtains, and many other things. She can also sing, yes she can, and people used to listen to her singing like my aunt’s husband, and many others.


I watched the movie today with my movie pal, we both loved all the actors that were in the movie;  it was nice, a bit long, and nicely interwind with many women stories, however my friend and I have anticipated everything that would happen in it; we knew that the little girl would get her dead mum’s car, that the mother of the girl with the baby was Julia Robert, that the mothers of Kate Hudson and the Indian guy would love each other, that Jennifer Anniston would fall for the guy she met at the supermarket and so on.  I was a wee bit disappointed as the movie didn’t give us surprises, so it was just like any other soap opera.

I feel something as favourable as a mother would be written in a very nice and surprising way, and not in this cheesy, cryptic, easily decipherable script. A mother deserves a well thought out script and  I feel that Mothers’ day movie had turned out similar to Valentines day movie that it was an all stars extravaganza and not a story that can be seen and seen again and again like for example “you got mail” or “sleepless in Seattle” or the “God Father” to mention a few.