The movie ( was released in 2017 and I don’t know how I didn’t watch it until I saw it on the plane, maybe our cinema houses didn’t think that it was worth bringing, even though it was voted best film by Goya- Spain.

A heart filling movie that shows how persistence can work or can fail miserably. Francis, a woman of courage got out of her heartache after the death of her beloved husband 16 years ago, and since they had met in a bookshop, she decided to return to her “old house” and convert it into a bookshop. Despite it being run down, suddenly a strong interest aroused and another wannabe wanted it for a place of art and culture. The bookshop first customer is a cranky old man who only sits in his mansion reading books or walks by the scenic river, he also died after trying to defend the cause (apologies for spoiling the movie for you).

She finally leaves the town after losing against the rich and ugly who conspire against her and take over the house as a protected property; but the young apprentice that she had hired felt sad and burnt the house down. The apprentice finally was bequeathed all the books and owned a bookshop herself. The story is actually was told by the apprentice herself.

A tale of good and evil but instead of superheroes and zombies we have a book lover that adored her late husband and a woman who must get everything that she wants even if she has to eliminate everyone that happens to be on her path.

To me the film is a classic, a must watch.