Yesterday I was in a talking mood with my husband, who is always skeptical about th future and what it holds.  I said to him that when he was on his holiday, I watched a movie called the time machine, in this movie the scientist was proposing to his girlfriend in a park, and gave her this lovely emerald ring, suddenly a thief appears and orders him to give all his possessions, the scientist does and the girl refuses so the thief shoots her, and she dies.  The scientist decides to use his time machine to go to the past and tries to alter the place of the engagement proposal. However every time he does that the girl dies, but in another incident.  One day he found himself in the future where the earth had seized to be what it is now and the story continues exactly like the old H.G. Wells movie, with the Morolocks and the Elois!


The scientist falls in love with the girl and he says a sentence that startled me a lot, he said that one cannot change the past but can change the future.  So my husband the sceptic said, so where is the future??


Well, what I thought is that we can do what ever we like for the future, its a plain field. We can start a new journey, we can start a new type of study, we can try to work in something completely different to what we did in the past till today.  If we did things in the past and they proved fruitless we will not do them again in the future, if we ate bad stuff that made us fat, we will not eat them in the future, if our muscles dangled because we didn’t do any exercise in the past we must exercise in the future more, so the future is something that will happen before I hit the next key to type this blog, I can be discovering other sentences while I am attempting to write this for you.  The future is not that oblique, dim light that everyone is talking about, its the fun thing that we will do to achieve yet nicer goals;  the goals that we would really like to do rather than what others likes us to do.


If I go back to 1900 when the movie was going to be made, I would tell them about the wars and the distractions, but I will also tell them about the good stuff, like the inventions and the discoveries.  I will give them the names, so they get rid of those that start the wars and maybe we will be in peace all the time.  Just think about it, if human beings had achieved so much despite all the miseries, what could we would have done if none of that happened, if we are in peace and love each other, respect each other, what would we have accomplished?


Oh my god, the possibilities are endless.  We could be driving back and fro to the future to see the result of a medicine and coming back to validate it or cut the R&D work on it.  We can see if a person is going to fail an exam and why? we could see if we are going to have a financial crisis and how it happened so we correct the path.  Imagine a world without financial crisis, everyone would be rich.  We would probably never talk about the rich and poor but we will have new jargon to talk about. So the ailments that happened to us in this lifetime, will not happen, simply because we would go to the future and know what are the ramification of an action, come back to the present and alter it.  We will have special envoys of clever kids going to the future and bringing to us the new stuff that didn’t get made now!  How about that?  for those that love bags, a new LV bag which is not made by LV himself yet.  endless possibilities.


I am just wondering, don’t take me seriously