In our culture we do not have this, we do not write obituaries about people that die, we only do Quran reading and we always hope that when a person is deceased he or she has a beautiful ending to his or her life (حسن الخاتمة). I sort of feel that a letter that shows the person’s good deeds should be read and people need to talk about how great that person was and that he or she had left a legacy behind him or her.

This is exactly the thought on the actor’s mind when she was told that she is having an overworked heart. ًWhen the movie started, we can tell that she is a control freak, lonely and rich. She even tried to kill herself but was saved, except that the doctor had done some tests and found that she may not have long to live.  Being always in control, she wanted her obituary to be written while she was still alive.


Basically most obituaries will talk about how the deceased is loved by family and friends, how he/she had touched people’s hearts, what they loved in life, and how they held themselves in the face of difficulties.  I would add to it how he/she had changed people’s lives to the best.


I am not going to be a whistle blower and tell you about what happened in the movie as that is for you to see and for me to read your comments, what I am going to say here is that we need to know early in life that we will be described in a letter that would be read when we die.  That knowledge will turn our lives around.  We will always be good people, as who wants the word “bad person” to be written in ones obituary? we will always help others, we will always aspire to be our good selves, and we will always have the ambition to leave a legacy behind.  The legacy can be a book, a piece of art, a house for the elderly, a place where we provide jobs, a school to teach the unfortunate so they can transform their lives to the best, some money so we can donate to the poor, and a smile.  The smile that will make those who are hurting to have a change in mood, a smile that will make a sick person feel ok, a smile that shatters mountains, a smile that will light an entire continent.


Having the knowledge 80 years in advance can change everything in this life. No one will be a thief, no one will be a lier, no one will cheat, no one will be greedy, no one and I am saying here no one including a newly elected and hated president, will try to ruin countries and harm others.  I can visualize this actually, I can see that no one will create arms, no one will develop missiles, no one will threw rubbish in the sea and kill the fish, no one will create bad medication to sell more, no one will no not be careful when operating on someone.  No one and absolutely no one will build a bad structure that may fall and kill the people inside it.  Cars will be safe, and standards of our lives will be best.  We will be living in a utopia instead of the havoc that we are living in now.


Can you visualize this with me, and have a day that you love and not just a great day.


Happy and beautiful ending to our lives. اللهم ارزقنا حسن الخاتمة