There are fathers who love to go to wars, there are fathers who love to create wars, there are fathers who prefer peace than wars
There are fathers who worship work, others who only love themselves and many who care about their families.
There are some who write books, some who read books, and some who despise any sort of print and writing and declare that its all to do with propaganda.
Some who work really hard to support others, and some who want to make a difference in this life? Some go to mosque but have no idea why, and some go to mosques to worship God, and some go to mosques to meet people and have new friends.
Some fathers become presidents of their country; some become presidents of their companies, and some only job is to create companies.
A lot of fathers just struggle in life to achieve something, and a lot of fathers do not have to struggle at all, things just seem to work out for them. Some worship women, some marry one woman only and some want to marry all the women in the world. Some have no idea why are they created and some make it a point to prove that they are idiots. Some love politics, some love poetry and some love songs, but some sing songs.

The list above is not exhaustive, nor does it undermine men in any way, I couldn’t sleep so I started to analyse reasons why one father is stuck to his daughter. This father couldn’t work, couldn’t read, couldn’t do anything at all since his daughter went away to complete her studies, so unknowing what to do, he started to create problems at home, over things that are non-existing, and made up so many excuses of why he cannot live in that country and how he has to go away to start building his future. He cried on hearing the voice of his daughter, he had nightmares about her getting into trouble or being involved in something that is not appropriate. He fought with everybody, and left the country to go and stay with her “for a while only” until he figures out what he should do with his future, he made everybody think that he must be suffering from some sort of stress or depression, and that was the reason for his abrupt departure from his work and his house. Obviously everybody assumed that there is a problem between his wife and him, and people at work started to look from the side of their eyes to the wife, and what a horrible monster she was to give all these problems to her poor husband. Unknowing of course that there were no problems at all, and the whole act was just a camouflage for wanting to be next to his sweetheart daughter. So in which category do we place this man?

Of course the daughter loves him dearly, and his other kids do so too, and the wife as well, however for him he only loves this one daughter for some reason. He Cannot close his eyes if she is not close to him, he texts her to know if she is fine, and calls her every now and then to ensure that she didn’t go under a truck , I am kidding of course. What I really mean is that, can someone be so affectionate to one member of the family and is unable to declare it? Or is he shy that the family will not understand? Well, now that it is obvious to them, I dont think they will be worried any more or have to think hard on whether they did something directly or indirectly to hurt him. All doubts are removed, this man adores his little girl and wants to make sure that she is safe, and nothing disrupts her studies. If it was me, I would say that out loud, there is nothing to be worried about, I want to be close to my daughter, and what is wrong with that?