Us the human beings have multiple level of wishes. So you wake up in the morning, take your shower and notice some flab or the fat, the skin pigmentation or other things one would notice while showering, so you wish they are not there. Then you go out to change and have a look at your dressing Cabinate and wish that you have a different color shirt or scarf.
Breakfast is another one with hundreds of wishes, like, I wish I can have egg Benedict instead of my usual poached egg, and of course don’t forget that while you are having your breakfast your mind is making his own order of wishes, like I wish we get to work faster or I wish that the business is going better than it is, or I wish it’s not pay day today, as that money will all go away on the nitty gritty details that we may not even need but wish to have.
I will not want to get into the wishes for Christmas, Eid, Valentine day, birthday, wedding anniversary (those that are married) and many other anniversaries of work and so on. We continue to place our wish orders on the menu of this life.
And then the wish that the husband and wife are fine, or the kids could do their homework or behave, then your brain start thinking of other things such as your mother or father, your siblings, their kids, your friends, your relatives and many other people that you know but have nothing to do with. The other I wished a person who is ill to get well soon, but I don’t really know him as I heard he is ill on Facebook.
Thinking about ones country and the wishes will fall like rain, I wish my country has more parks, I wish my country has better roads, I wish we have walking tracks, I wish we have a public hospital near our house, I wish we are stable where ever we live.  Safety and security are main concern when one is above a certain age, so we wish that we have a better health, or we can walk faster, or we don’t need blood pressure tablets, or cholesterol tablets and so on.
At the end of the day, you will find that most of our hours went into wishing instead of doing, thus I  am calling today the “wishless” day, because I didn’t wish for anything due to the feeling of contentment that I will get whatever I want without wishing for them.  These will just happen.
Happy wishless day everyone.