Once I read snippets of a story about how the brain can work for ten minutes and some few seconds after death. The heart will stop but the brain will continue to run. I thought to myself: how can we test this hypothesis? And the experiment was on me! Yes on me!

Yesterday we were just breaking our fast. I had the soup and was bragging to the family about how I make the best pickled chilies ? while eating one, I don’t know what happened after that, all I know is that I couldn’t breath, I stood up trying to gain my breath, or spitting or just saying something, then I didn’t see anybody, all I can think off is the grandkids, my mum, my kids, my phone, who will finish the books that are downloaded there, and who will tell my friends that I had died. I didn’t think of anything else but the people in my life. And then I hear my husband trying to carry me to squeeze my stomach, and I can hear my son in law, my daughters and some other voices all trying to do something to make the chili juice comes out from where ever it had gone. it was still darkness, I didn’t even hear my heart pumping, it was a disasterous sitiuation all together. i thought i will get brain damage as i was not breathing, so i would rather die than wake up feeling crazy or brain damamged.

And then I walk up, opened my eyes and felt everyone around me. I went to the toilette to try to spit out the chili juice off my mouth, and that was the end of a disastrous evening. Apparently many people die because no one can remove the thing that blocks the wind pipe, I was lucky that I had many people around me who between them were able to save me, otherwise, I wouldn’t be writing this to you, and you will never know how I felt.

Believe me, there was nothing in my thoughts except the family, and the darkness was taking me to a strange place, is that how death happens?

I feel that life is so precious, we must cherish it, love it, feel it, as we never know when its going to end. learn everything you can in it, find good friends, learn everything you could learn about your family and friends, work hard, dont stress out, as life can be taken off you in a a chili bite.