The story of Prophet Joseph as mentioned in Quran is worth every thought.  It revolves around betrayal of the brothers, betrayal of those that raised him, the prison, the dreams and how perseverance made it possible for prophet Joseph to become the king of Egypt.  The story makes us think of every dream that we have as it could be real.  This story had a great description of four dreams.  It all began by Joseph dreaming that 11 planets, the sun and the moon prostrate to him.  He told His father about the dream, the father told him that its a good dream but never to tell it to his brothers.  Now all the brothers hate the fact that their father favors Prophet Joseph, and he never let him go and play with them.  Thus they decided to kill him.  So they asked the father if Joseph can go out with them, and he said that he is worried that a wolf might eat him.  They promissed to look after him. However once they reached the place they decided not to kill him but to threw him in the well.  They then killed a boar, poured the blood on Joseph’s shirt and lied to their dad saying that the wolf had eaten him.
A tribe was passing by, they stopped at the well to have some water, Joseph held on to the bucket and they drew him out, and when they saw a little boy, they decided to take him to Egypt with them.  In Egypt they sold him to the Minister who took him home and told his wife to look after him as a son, as he never had children.  Joseph grew to be a very handsome young man and the wife of the minister fell in love with him.  She chased him to the door as he was running away from her, she tore his shirt from the back.  In that moment the minister came in and she said to him that Joseph was chasing after her.  A witness from her side said that if his shirt is torn from the front, then she is right, but if its torn from the back then he is right.  The women of Egypt were making fun of the minister’s wife for wanting to sleep with the servant, so she asked them all to attend a ceremony, gave each one a chair and a knife and asked Joseph to come out so they can see him. When he did all the women sliced their hands thinking that he is an angel. All the women started to want to have infidelity with him.  In that moment he prayed to God to remove their charm or else he will become a bad human being.  thats when he was put in prison.  While in prison he was preaching to the prisoners.  He was also telling them what they are going to eat that day or what they are going to receive.  Two prisoners had dreams.  The first one saw that he was serving alcohol to a master, and the second one that the birds are eating from his head.  He told the second one that he is going to be killed, and the first one will work with the king, and he asked him to remember him when that happens.
Years passed by, the king saw a weird dream, that seven thin cows are swallowing seven large fat cows, and seven green wheat spikes as well as seven dry wheat spikes. The king wanted the interpretation of the dream.  All the priests collectively told him that these are only dreams. The boy from prison who became the bar tender at the king’s palace remembered Joseph and went to him asking for interpretation.  Joseph told him that there will be seven years of wealth followed by seven years of poverty, followed by years of hardship and that they must take care from now.  When the king heard the translation, he wanted Joseph to be the person to look after the wealth of Egypt, but he refused saying that they never punished the women who were chasing him.  At that moment the women all had confessed and apologized to Joseph and the king.  The king asked Joseph what can he do to prevent the dream from happening.  He said that the only way is let him keep the crop of Egypt and look after the finances.  The king agreed and the story is known of how Joseph not only saved Egypt but also saved the nearing tribes from hunger.
I will go to the last part of the story when the brothers came to Egypt wanting to trade their goods with wheat, Joseph recognized them but they were oblivious to him.  He asked if they can bring all their brothers so they can get more wheat.  They went to their father who by this time was still upset and too frail, and asked if their brother (who is the brother of Joseph) can go with them to Egypt to be enable them to make more trade.  They promised that they will look after him.  Joseph wanted to keep his brother and made a trick that the scale of the king was lost (he asked his laborers to hide it in the camel of the brother) and he said that if we find it then that person is the prisoner of the king.  They all agreed to the fairness; he found it hidden in his brother’s camel, and at this end the other brother said that he is a thief like his other brother, which Joseph didn’t like but he didn’t say anything.  When the brothers returned, they told the father that their brother stole the scale of the king.  The father was even more upset and he turned blind.
Few years passed and the brothers were in great hardship, they went with very little goods to trade with wheat, and Joseph revealed himself to them, they were so surprised, he gave them his shirt and told them to bring his family back to Egypt.  When the camels were getting close to the area they lived in, the father was able to recognize a certain smell of Joseph, but every one was telling him that its not possible.  When the brothers reached, they put the shirt on their father’s face, he was able to see again, and they told him the whole story and asked for forgiveness as Satin had tricked them to do wrong to their brothers.  They all went to Egypt, and as they entered the palace, they all prostrated in front of Joseph, who told his dad that his dream became true.
Below are the verses of Joseph’s article and the parts that are good for us to think about, mainly that we are not saved on envy even for having dreams.

[ يوسفيات ! ] رائع بمعنى الكلمة
  تفكر  .. تأمل ..
# ( قال يا بني لا تقصص رؤياك على إخوتك فيكيدوا لك كيدا ) : أطفئ نار الحاسدين بإخفاء مميزاتك عنهم .
# ( قال يا بني لا تقصص رؤياك على إخوتك فيكيدوا لك كيدا ) : هناك نفوس ضعيفة . . حتى الرؤى والأحلام تستنزف طاقة الحسد لديها !
# ( قال يا بني لا تقصص رؤياك على إخوتك فيكيدوا لك كيدا ) : قص الرؤى والأحلام وغرائب الأمور على الآخرين عادة إنسانية عتيقة !
# ( قال يا بني لا تقصص رؤياك على إخوتك فيكيدوا لك كيدا ) : طاقة الحسد تتيقظ لدى الأقربين ومن تربطك بهم علاقة أكثر من غيرهم !
#  ( قال يا بني لا تقصص رؤياك على إخوتك فيكيدوا لك كيدا ): لا بأس أن تحذر الأخ من إخوته والقريب من قريبه إن علمت شره يقينا !
#  ( قال يا بني لا تقصص رؤياك على إخوتك فيكيدوا لك كيدا ) : وضح مرادك وأفصح خطابك لدى الصغار .. لاحظ فك إدغام : تقصّ . . إلى تقصص !
# ( قال يا بني لا تقصص رؤياك على إخوتك فيكيدوا لك كيدا) : ليس شرطا أن تعبر كل الرؤى . ..بعض الرؤى اكتف معها بالتوجيه العام !
# ( قال يا بني لا تقصص رؤياك على إخوتك فيكيدوا لك كيدا ) : من أشد الفراسات مواطأة للحق فراسة الوالدين في أبنائهم !
# قالت نسوة في المدينة امرأة العزيز تراود فتاها عن نفسه. رغم تغليق الأبواب والحذر والحيطة فالخبر وصل للناس ! .. وكذلك طاعتك في الخلوة ؛ يصل أثرها في قلوب الناس .
# ( قال إني ليحزنني أن تذهبوا به ) مجرد الفراق يُحزنه ! لا تعارض بين أعباء الدعوة والمشاعر الجيّاشة !
# (.فأرسل معنا أخانا )، ( إن ابنك سرق ) عندماكانت لهم منفعه قالو ” أخانا ” وعندما انتهت قالو ” ابنك ” ؛ قمة الإنتهازيه أن تغير الخطاب بتغير المصلحه !
# ( الآن حصحص الحق ) تنام الحقيقة ، وتنام طويلًا أحيانًا .. لكنها لا تموت !
# ( وإلا تصرف عني كيدهن أصب إليهن ) بدون الله لست بشيء !
# ( قالوا يا أبانا مالك لا تأمنا على يوسف ) لا يعلم الابن أن دسائسه مفضوحة ونظراته مكشوفة وهمساته مسموعة عند والديه ..
# ( قال إني ليحزنني أن تذهبوا به ) لا تهمل الخاطر الأول .. والتوقع الأول .. فعادة ما يكون فيه شيء من الإلهام !
# (.وأخاف أن يأكله الذئب ) لا تعط الآخرين السيف الذي يغتالونك به .. لا تساعدهم في مخططاتهم عن حسن نية !
# ( وأجمعوا أن يجعلوه في غيابة الجب ) ليس كل إجماع على حق ، فهذا إجماع على ضلالة ولا شك ، وكثيرا ما يتكرر هذا المشهد في المجتمعات الدعوية الغير ” متجردة ” !
# ( وجاءوا أباهم عشاء يبكون ) القلوب القاسية لديها قدرة عجيبة في أن تنتج دموعا شبيهة بدموع الحزانى .. اهتم بتاريخ الباكي ودعك من ملامحه !
# ( وجاءوا على قميصه بدم كذب ) يبدو أن تزوير الحقائق عادة اكتسبها الإنسان منذ القدم!
# ( قال بل سولت لكم أنفسكم أمرا ) إذ كيف يأكله الذئب ولما تسجد له الكواكب بعد ؟ كن بمبشرات الخالق أوثق منك بما تراه عيناك !
# ( أكرمي مثواه عسى أن ينفعنا أو نتخذه ولدا ) إذا أراد الله بعبد خيرا ألقى في قلوب من حوله مشجعات ومحفزات يبذلوا بسببها الخير له .
# (فأسرها يوسف في نفسه ولم يبدها لهم ) هنا لون من أخلاق الكبار !
# ( وابيضت عيناه من الحزن ) ابيضت عينا يعقوب ولم تبيض عينا يوسف ، هل عرفت الفرق أيها الابن ؟!
# ( وغلقت الأبواب ) إذا رأيت حذرا شديدا فاعلم أن تمة خطرا يتطلب خفاؤه ..!
# ( وراودته التي هو في بيتها ) لم يقل ” سيدته ” احتقارا لشأنها واستنكارا لصنيعها ، فمثلها لا تستحق شرف السيادة !
 # ( يوسف أيها الصدِّيق أفتنا…) لم يعلِّق لوحةً في السجن فيها ذكر شهاداته ومنجزاته.. بل صدِّيقيَّته هي التي كانت تنطق بحسن أفعاله !
# ( وتولَّى عنهم ) شغلة الحزن الصادق على فراق إبنه!
# ( وابيضت عيناه من الحزن ) بعض الفراق لا تندمل جروحه مهما تتابعت الأيام وتعاقبت السنين ..
# أقعده الحزن ولكنه أقامهم على درب اليقين: ( ولا تيأسوا من رَوح الله ) ، فاعجب لمهمومٍ لا يغادر فلك اليقين !
# (وكذلك يجتبيك ربك ) لا اجتباء إلا بابتلاء ..
# ( وتكونوا من بعده قوما صالحين ) التسويف بالاستقامة، وتمنية النفس أن هذا آخر الأخطاء مدخل شيطاني لاقتحام المخالفة ثم الركون إلى مثلها .
# ( إنه ربي احسن مثواي ) قوة المعرفة بالله تمنع من الزلل ..
# ( و جاء بكم من البدو من بعد أن نزغ الشيطان بيني و بين إخوتي ) جعل نفسه طرفا في الأمر مواساة لهم و تخفيفا عنهم .. يا لمروءته !
# ( اذهبوا فتحسسوا من يوسف ) إنه يوسف ، أول شيئ يتبادر على اللسان .. يوسف فؤاد والده لم ينسه !
# ( يا أيها العزيز مسنا وأهلنا الضر وجئنا ببضاعة مزجاة فأوف لنا الكيل وتصدق علينا إن الله يجزي المتصدقين ) استرحام بديع مع مخلوق فاسترحم خالقك ، فرحمته وسعت كل شيء! سبحانك ربي