Once years ago a trip to swedon was a must. I had to visit my brother and his family as he was estranged and we dont see him much, plus he lost a son and the last time i had seen hism was at the funeral in 1985. So I took my two children, left the little one with her dad and travelled. It’s the first Scandinavian country I had visited. (At that time I promised the kids to take them to the others, Denmark, Norway and Finland, but that never happened until years later when I took my daughter(the little one that I had left behind) to Sweden again)

When we landed there, they were waiting for us at the airport. It was 1993 and it was spring.

We had such a great time, talking, going out, visiting malls and IKEA of course. We used the underground but had to cover the children’s eyes as there were large posters on the stairway showing pornography which we didn’t want the children to see.

One day I found out while taking to a shop owner next door that if we cross the tunnel we can be in the forest. I have never seen a forest. So I thought maybe that can be a nice day to spend with the children. I was going to try making a Chinese dish and my sister in law said that we don’t have mushrooms!!  What about the forest? I said! Do you think we can go for our promised walk and pick mushrooms at the same time?

We packed some sandwiches and snacks and went out, I thought I would tell the shop owner about the adventure we were embarking on. I found his wife there too. I said to them that we are also going to pick some mushrooms as the forest may have some!! They said of course but some could be poisonous. They gave me a book on mushrooms. It was in a language that I wouldn’t understand so they explained two words. Poisonous and good.

The children were so excited. We crossed the tunnel and reached the forest. It had rained the night before. We can feel the wet ground. A lot of leaves and some branches had dropped, it must have been a heavy rain. The children collected cones and some weird leaves and we had some snacks too. Then we started looking for those yummy mushrooms. The children will point to them and I will check in the book to figure it out. The ones we were sure about went to a bag and the ones that looked a bit weird went into another bag. Once enough for the meal was collected we started to look at the trees and the shrubs. The children noticed some rabbits and the different birds. They also saw the worms and the insects. There were lots of spiders with their webs around the trees. One can hardly see the sky but the dim sun seeping through the high branches of the trees giving us a fantastic show. We found a place that is clean to set and have our sandwiches and drinks. The children were so happy, one can see that it was a day well spent. On the way back we passed by the shop and displayed our goods to the shop owner. He asked us to wash our hands thoroughly if we had touched this doubtful second bag. It was all bad mushrooms in it. Oops, we just had our sandwiches!!!  Luckily we were ok and that promised Chinese meal was an event to remember.

The children and I took many trips afterwards but Sweden trip surpassed all of the others.

Three years later we travelled to New Zealand and as soon as the children saw the forest they remembered Sweden. This adventure will be explained later.