My two friends of twenty years are ill with cancer. One is a heavy smoker, eating away anything just to keep her hunger off, the other one is fit as hell, food conscious and does sports in all its types. If you put both of them on the health spectrum one would be minus one and the other is above ten.

This made me realize that there are no written rules on how to be sick free, all you need to do is to stick with life and wish that all will be good untill one’s time is over, whether at ten or a hundred just go on with life and be as happy as can be, take the worries away, travel, help a person or two and last but not least learn something new every day.

There are no guarantees in life, we do not know if we are going to wake up in the morning, or just fall off our chairs while at work, but if we do wake up, or not fall off our chairs, then we just have to do the most in our day, we have to fulfil our dreams, never procrastinate, finish off whatever work we are supposed to do and never put anything off till tomorrow! As tomorrow may never come.

Last month I was away, and at night my heart was palpitating so much, and the pain was reaching my shoulders. I was on my own, so I started to do those short coughs which we learnt in school to help any heart problems, took an aspirin and stayed up till morning first reading a book and then watching a movie. during this episode, I had this epiphany that putting off work or things that we might have to do is bad and believe me I have hundreds of jobs, courses that I want to take, stories to write, a book, snippets of articles that I want to write and many other things that are personal like talking to my kids, my husband, my grandkids and my friends. I talk to myself but I don’t talk enough to others. So I started to do this, and when the night comes and I am ready to go to sleep I am happy that there isn’t much work left behind for anyone to sort out in case I hit the bucket.

One thing is remaining to do, I have to visit the remaining 160 countries that I didn’t visit yet, and I mean really see the country and know it’s people not just go there, eat their food and take photographs, so I am keeping my fingers crossed that I do wake up every morning so I can do this.


I wish that my friends will be fine, and we will take some of those trips together.