Not sure if you remember the movie “about time“? it’s about the scientist who proposed to his girlfriend and moments later she died of a car accident, and then he figured a way to bring her back by inventing a time travel machine; alas, every time he tries she still dies one way or the other. This is life or death, i probably feel that these are the only two things one cannot change, they will happen despite our various trials.  Anything in between one can change. However Einstein had discovered that time travel to the future with speed is possible as time slows down, but not to the past. its fascinating to think of the concept of time.

if we have a time machine we can make our life perfect, we can fare well in our studies, we can have great relationships, we can choose our friends perfectly, we can find ourselves the best jobs, we can remove the moments that we know we would regret later, we can change our locations, we can travel to better destinations, we can unsay bad things, we can do a better job of everything in life. Maybe we can even find the major that will give us the best outcome.

imagine we do have a time machine, and our life is on a scale of zero to a hundred. we move on this scale in life unknowing what is going to happen a second from now.  Take for instance me, I went to sleep and woke up about 2:20, thinking of this concept of time, and time travel came into my mind. Had I drifted back into sleep I would have probably forgotten all about it when I woke up in the morning, and that is only few hours later. My mind kept on telling me wake up, you will forget and this could be your best ever peace. So I woke up and here I am writing it.

If we have a time machine and we do want to change an event that happened, say that I had told my dad something depressing, and I knew that he was upset about it! I would go back in time to that same moment, and unsay what I had said to save my dad of getting upset. Say that I had taken a bad turn and realised after few days that in that moment I had altered my life, I can go back and undo what I had done. Iust think for a minute that I do have that time machine! I can can bring back that timeline and stand on it seeing me there and just change whatever it was I was doing at that moment to make myself a better life.

I am reading a book as we speak and in it a proffessor of history was explaining time travel to an audience of children, what he explained there startled me, “everything you did in that scale of your life second by second exists. the events that occurred remain in order of occurrence, existing in a linear path, beginning at a starting point and reaching all the way to this moment. Everything we are doing at this moment is being recorded by time, whether you realise it or not”. But he didn’t say that we can alter things if we go back, that is my addition to the subject of time travel if we can do it.


What do I want to change in my life? Do I really want to change something in it? I would want to change the lost time and the wasted time, I would want to change my behaviour, and would love to have been a better person, probably I would have not worked for over 20 years of my life for others, I would have probably studied what I knew I would be good at and I would have loved my life more if I had studied the field that I am good at and I loved. I would have launched my business write from the start, I would have not made all the mistakes that I had made in my life, as I know that those mistakes had shaped me! a hindsight realisation. We do use this word “hindsight” quite often, however we cannot undo what we have done or said unless we have a time machine. Maybe i should also not mention personal things on social media.

I cannot give you any advice here, but maybe if we think before embarking on anything, we could probably save ourselves from regrets later.


imagine life without regrets?

“the credit of the picture”