Actually I don’t have a teacher role model, as most of my teachers were merely doing their jobs without any possibility of inspiration, in fact there was more possibilities of humiliation, irritations and heartache.

Why do I suddenly remembering my teachers? I had a friends gathering, and we were talking about many things in general and of course knowing us we discussed our phobias and deeply hidden psychological problems. one of the friends said that she is claustrophobic and the first time she was on a ten hour flight she started crying! and that she cannot lock a door. I told her that I am the same, I never lock any door or even lock a suitcase; my friend found out the reason of course that a teacher locked her in a dark room when she was little.  The other friend said that her sewing teacher gave her a slap on the face when she was little because she couldn’t push the thread in the needle.  of course I also remembered how my teachers used to hit us on the hand with double rulers, and also make fun of my cloths and my running nose.

So who inspired us to do what we are doing? to my friend her inspiration was her dad, and to me its of course my dad. which is a real pity as we spent a very long time in schools learning stuff that we never used and facing teachers that never inspired us. I don’t even want to think of my own children and what they felt in their schools? I don’t want to think of any children and how they feel about their schools.  You know, I don’t want to think of schools at all as everyone I meet these days are complaining about schools.  One of the people I know is suggesting that we open a school and make it high quality and different and surely it will be filled with students. Maybe we should, if you are upto it guys let me know.

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  1. Velva
    Velva says:

    I read this post with interest. Although, our schools here are far from perfect. My children have had several teachers that have inspired them and have opened up their curiosity. To be a good teacher you need to have a calling to educate and to inspire-Teachers can have a lifetime impact.


  2. Suad Alhalwachi
    Suad Alhalwachi says:

    Dear Velva, I missed you! I agree with you that great teachers that inspire are out there. unfortunately we do not find them at our schools. even when westerners come here to teach they seem to leave their inspiring self back home. we may need a few generations to be at your level.

    thanks for posting your comments, I appreciate that a lot


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