Do I believe in this? what does it matter, I like art of any type, I think it is an expression of thought, one can express ones thoughts in writing, others by drewing or photographing or sculpturing.

The family is starting an art school, art gallery and art cafe in Bahrain, so to kick start the school, we are holding an art show for a french artist, it will be called the time remaining, it is a sad expression of what we all are losing every day, our time. Here is what it says and see the photo too.

Unfortunatly due to shortage of funds, and maybe due to what is happening in Bahrain, the exhibition may not have much money to invite people and make it posh, so we are asking that people either donate money to publish the book or time to help at the exhibiiton. It is surely one of its kind as it is the first time that an exhibition takes place in a construction site.

You are all invited my friends, mark the date april 8 2011

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  1. mahmood abuidrees
    mahmood abuidrees says:

    was busy moving to my new place this weekend next weekend ill be giving a hand 🙂 its gona be amazing i worked with alex before i know how he can manage to make people feel immersed and part of his TAZ(temp artistic zone) visually physically and mentally

  2. liprochon
    liprochon says:

    Hello Suad,

    We are doing a statement here, waiting for money or for the right time is just an excuse for doing nothing.

    As far as I am concerned I do prefer building artistic spaces in unconventional places. It brings people out of their confort zone, it surprises and creates question marks.

    Expect darkness and brightness, movement and humour. The clock is ticking,here is the time remaining.

    Care where you walk, you are in a construction site…


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