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Future Careers

I have been working with students and also adults for a long time, and have advised many on what major that suits them and had been instrumental on graduating a very successful groups of students who had not only passed with flying colours but also found great careers that matched their ability. Sometimes though, the […]

Are teachers happy with Online teaching?

I just attended a talk by OECD that spoke about the teachers and how they can get the best out of their students. The talk was very interesting, listing countries from Europe, Asia, south America and many others (The first cycle of TALIS was conducted in 2008 in 24 countries. The second cycle, TALIS 2013 […]

Joie de vivre

I was reading a book about the last Tsar of Russia who was executed along with his family and those that worked in his house by the Communist party.  Much of the words used in his letters were french and Russian.  The book itself is in English but some of the words used really intrigued […]

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Warren Buffett advices

Warren Buffet, is one of the biggest investors in our time with a net-worth of over a 100 billion dollars.  I feel that everyone in this world should read about him and follow his advices.  Below are twenty of his most favourite advices: 1- Don’t diversify 2- Invest and don’t speculate 3- The market is […]

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Avant-garde in life

I am sure you heard some people say this term! “its so Avant-garde” I had heard this sentence from people describing something new and that it came before its time.   Avant-garde is a french term used by artists who produced works of art that was considered ahead of its time, innovative, explorative, and using […]

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Why do people travel?

الإمام الشافعي: “تَغَرَّبْ عَن الأَوْطَانِ في طَلَبِ الْعُلى…وَسَافِرْ فَفِي الأَسْفَارِ خَمْسُ فَوَائِدِ: تَفَرُّجُ هَمٍّ، وَاكْتِسابُ مَعِيشَةٍ، وَعِلْمٌ، وَآدَابٌ، وَصُحْبَةُ مَاجِد” There is an arabic saying (or a poem) that goes like this: Travel to other countries to seek the highest gains, travel as it has five benefits: relief from worry, finding a job or starting […]